Nigerian women are dumb women, reckless, greedy, adulterers, entitled, uncouth, sexually irresponsible

Nigerian women are dumb women, reckless, greedy, adulterers, entitled, uncouth, sexually irresponsible

Their was the people envious of our boys and you will sobbing you to their women are racing all of our guys like bees today their your own people saying your own people do not such as for instance matchmaking Nigerian girls

Inferiority state-of-the-art dey care this…unattractive and you will sluggish SA guys…I visited SA getting step three weeks…wasn’t happy with the looks…comedy they certainly were actually admiring me personally sef…my personal trend sense and my long wigs Wetin i you to play with dem manage…madam move Abeg….nja guys simply sleep which have SA females yet still get married all of us

She finished Nigerian females??????????. Him or her of a lot to have Lib, observe how some of them comment on the way they cheating on the its husbands with more than one man. Yeye people. Whenever we speak about DNA sample now, you will notice her or him gasping to possess breath and you can hallucinating.

SA men are the essential lazynd abusive people on whole business. As to the reasons usually good Nigeria girl need a keen SA guy if you don’t a passing wanna. Your people even feed a number of your own guys, that is a turn fully off to have Nigeria people. Also SA female hurry Nigerian males. In case your males were hot, so why do the girls hurry boys off their nationals. SA some one manage many inferiority cutting-edge.

Hahah! Sure southern African people will not such as Nigerian girls because the a great Nigerian babe isn’t only for the penis you must show that you can be a provider, responsible and never abusive. Nigerian girls cannot such as the ways southern African males get rid of their people thats a large shut down having an effective Nija hottie. Lazy males dislike as asked what they do having a great traditions?? Is a few indicates healthy formula Nigerian people hate up to now him or her plus they dislike up until now Nigerian girls.

Are Nigerian however, if i’ve the risk i won’t time an effective Nigerian woman. such as accountability. women who faith guys are supposed to offer dem

Look for the woman face such as for instance which score bloodstream shortage I wear wade Twitter finish the bitch next time she stop all of our lady inadequate situation na so their female dey rush you and we de- talent Dem foolish

Your kind of will discover the tough way. But don’t come sobbing immediately following and also pray you’re real time to inform your own tale. You do not understand what you have till it’s moved.

Perhaps that is whatever they inform your people to get you cheap and sustain your pleased. Well Nigerian guys do not chat down other nation women in other to help you woo all of us. Thats a massive along with to help you Nigerian men. The guys dont do this. Your males has complex thing when it comes to Nigeria girls. All of our guys spoil all of us the boys you should never measure up. i never lookup its front side. We day and Get married Nigerian boys otherwise up. Our very own arrow does not point down. Lol. Their men you would like a great amount of making up ground to accomplish. The the male is envious in our people today their women are to be jealous in our females. Spent such timing these are Nigerians even as we spend time into the boosting our selves. Develop! ya the.

Is quite genuine.. They come across Nigeria women such as for instance boys.. Nigeria girls no dey damp no matter how your reach them otherwise fool around with dem. Almost everywhere inactive, human anatomy good such as for example stone..

Chai! Consider this to be Horse Radishes speaking such she is much better than any Naija lady. My good friend go back to your steady and become somewhat. Naija people features both beauty, hustle and you will notice, than the other African countries .

Therefore consider Nigerian ladies are finding large bullet lead southern area African lazy people ? So just why could you be females race you upwards n off

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