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Material items such as Greater Elemental Stones, Strong Rawhides and ordinary/worthy Fine or ordinary/worthy/expert major fluxes can be farmed from these mobs as well. Other drops include Power Shards, LV30-40 manastones and random stigma stones. Ordinary/worthy/expert/ master Superb fluxes can be acquired from the normal mobs here. Fine Power Shards, LV50 manastones, 40+ crafting designs and random stigma stones can be dropped by normal mobs here. All the Seirens here has the chance to drop a LV45 green material called a Wave Patterned Pearl that is used for crafting LV45, 345p green Aika’s gloves, Jewel or Pauldrons. Aside from the LV44 green Sepra’s Leather/ Belts she drops, she can also drop LV44 blue Deep Sea leggings/ greaves. Swimmersbane is yet another boss in the area that may drop LV44 green Deep Sea gauntlets/ gloves. Quiet Elime is a hero-class water spirit boss that drops LV44 green Deep Sea pauldrons, as well as a couple of LV44 blue Elime’s Ruby/ Sapphire necklaces. Mobs here may drop LV32 Volcano weapons and LV34 white Volcano armors, LV32 green Cursed armors, LV34 Offering green weapons, LV37 Tainted armors and LV30 green Fascination accessories.
Several groups can enter the same instance at the same time but they won’t see each other inside. The only exception for this would be the Dredgion where you can also encounter players from the opposing faction while trying to complete the entire level. Anybody can leave an instance and return again so long as at least one party member remains inside. This section of the guide will just showcase the drops you can get from entering these instances.
The Iceheart Queen is a virago queen living in the southern part of the Kuriullu Mountain, near the Lepharist Citadel territory. She drops a LV34 green shield called Amorel’s Shield or Iceheart’s greaves/ leggings for all classes. The Unofficial Aion Kinah Guide and accessories, as well as green Inception accessories. Thorntail Scolopens are known to drop LV29 green Mirage weapons, LV27 green Pit armors, and possibly any LV28 stigmas such as Snare Trap, Ankle Snare, Incite Rage and Protective Ward.
Mobs here also have the small chance of dropping LV28 blue Fantastic armors or LV29 blue Fantastic helms or accessories. Overview Godstones are used entirely for enchanting weapons and by giving them additional effects. For example, if a certain godstone is attached to weapon, the weapon will have a % chance to inflict “blind” status to the target for X seconds. Godstones are available in higher level portions of the game . They can be acquired the same fashion as manastones though less frequently. Some godstones can be purchased by exchanging AP to one of the administration officers in the abyss.

Level 51+ Quick EXP Quest + Mithril Coins

Aside from that, you can also score various fluxes from them, including the higher quality, Worthy fluxes. Weeping Bagalia is a named desert caryatid that appears randomly inside one of the ruins south of the Fortress of Spirits. She has the chance to drop a LV27 green Bigalia’s Shield and LV27 Sandy Breastplate or Mail. She also drops a material item called Desert Caryatid Fragment that is used for crafting Sadness Hammer and Sadness Ring, both LV27 green items @ 155p skill level. Major Elemental Stones, Tough Rawhides and ordinary/worthy/expert/ Superb fluxes can be acquired from the normal mobs here. If you’re lucky enough, you should be able to obtain a random LV30 blue Fantastic weapon.
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Renewal of the Sauro War DepotSauro War Depot entrance has been moved to Pepe and Phon Garrison. Difficulty has been lowered and drop rate significantly increased.Renewal of the Steel RoseEntrance to Steel Rose has been moved to North Katalam. Difficulty has been lowered and drop rate significantly increased.Renewal of the Ancient CoinsPrices for Rune Tribe items have been lowered. Ancient Coins became easier and faster to obtain.Forts and Honor PointsTime table as well as rewards have been updated. Degradation of Honor Points has been lowered, decreased Seed of Transformation requirements.QuestsNew daily quests for Ancient Coins have been added to North Katalam. New rewards for Steel Rose quests.ItemsYou can now buy Ancient Coin Boxes for Battle Medals. You can obtain Ancient Coins Bundles in Hall of Knowledge.EtcTeleports to main Garrisons have been added to Pandarung.

Additional Ancient Coins

This will not include strategies on how to defeat the bosses or detailed walkthroughs on how to enter those instances. The Unofficial Aion Kinah Guide will share the loot it drops so if possible be friendly and invite other players in a group so you can evenly share the goodies. Its respawn rate will take forever so keep changing channels until you find it. You can check this link for some info about changing channels. This is the best NPC to target if you wish to get powerful equipment early on. However, since it has a very long respawn time and there’s always a lot of competition, you’ll need to be really patient. Treasure Hunter weapons sell for 4490 through NPC merchants but you can sell it for a considerably higher price.

Among the fine loot you may obtain from him would be LV27 blue King Zugog’s weapons and a LV27 blue shield called King Zugog’s Carapace. Elite lepharists in the western side of the area may also drop Major Life/ Mana potions in addition to the normal items they drop, as well as random LV43 green Alquimia Lepharist head gears. Captain Shahaar doesn’t have any unique drops but he has an increased chance of dropping green Ascension armors, Otherworldly weapons, Oblivion accessories, LV50 manastones and some random balaur material drop. Instructor Mara is known to drop LV42 green Watch’s body armors, as well as the same-leveled Watch’s Golden Diadem. Captain Amichel and Archmage Ysika both have the chance to randomly drop LV42 green Watch’s gloves/gauntlets or Watch’s Shoes/ Boots for any class.
He randomly drops LV23 green Ramnodase’s leggings/greaves and LV23 green accessories such as Ramnodase’s Topaz Earrrings or Zircon Earrings. Aether is also needed as a catalyst in crafting armors and weapons, and also a raw material for morphing so the demand for it doesn’t go down. You can even make profit out of it, by selling your aether crystals in bulk, and by keeping the even rarer, high-grade aether crystals you may extract and selling them above market price. You may also obtain Worthy Accessory Flux and Sturdy Spore Fiber from it as well. Since it drops its unique set of items, expect this mob to be stronger than the normal fungens you find in the area. The rings fetch for 1200 kinah through NPC merchants though you can sell them to other players at a much higher price.
He is one of the named mobs that drop LV47 green armor pieces for the Brusthonin Chain, Plate and Cloth armor sets. It also drops LV47 green Agueria’s Dagger as well as Agueria’s Earrings. He also drops a LV50 blue material item Trico Horn which is needed for crafting blue LV50 weapons such as Trico’s Greatsword, Trico’s Jewel or Trico’s Longbow. Lucky hunters may even obtain blue gears such as LV38 Destructive armors, LV39 Destructive Head gears, accessories or LV40 Destructive weapons. You can farm materials such as Greater Elemental Stones, Strong Rawhides and ordinary/worthy/expert fine fluxes from these mobs as well.
The Unofficial Aion Kinah Guide LV45-49 range of stigma stones. The Unofficial Aion Kinah Guide lucky, he may even drop a LV47 blue necklace called Clorint’s Necklace. The Unofficial Aion Kinah Guide the chance to obtain LV41 blue weapons such as Kunpapa’s Greatsword, Spear and Sword. Zumion Canyon / Talun’s Nest LV14-16 Mountain Abexes can drop various greens like the Tropical Dagger, Healer’s Chain Hood, Mirage Gloves and Traveller’s Crystal Ring. When farming Abexes, avoid attacking them while they’re in a group since they’ll tend to gang up on you.

Mobs here may drop LV32 Volcano weapons and LV34 white Volcano armors, LV32 green Cursed armors, LV34 Offering green weapons, and LV30 green Fascination accessories. Bigfoot Mosbears and Ruthless Mosbears are known to drop Mosbear Skins, a LV16 green material used to create LV16 green “Mosbear Leather” armor and accessories. Silverback Haku is a special mob that drops a LV20 untradeable blue Haku’s Cloth Shoes, perfect for spiritmasters and sorcerers. This bear looks like any other mosbear mobs you see in the area and it hangs around the northwestern corner of the Mosbear Habitat’s first area. (To the left of letter “M” in the Mosbear Habitat label on the map) It has a long spawn time and it’s drop rate is not definite so it will depend on your luck if you plan to farm this item from this guy.
You may obtain LV39 green weapons such as Kint’s Dagger, Spear. She also drops a blue LV39 material called Queen Kint’s Carapace which is a primary reagent for crafting Queen Kint’s Breastplate, Queen Kint’s Earrings or Queen Kint’s Hauberk – all LV39, 285p blue armor and earrings. You may want to fight enemies until you reach LV2, then do all the quests available in this area to reach LV3, before reaching the village. As you may have expected as you start of the game, there won’t be any special items that you can obtain by farming these low level mobs. If you’re lucky enough, you can obtain a LV2 shield from a Hill Sparky or a LV4 Leather Leggings from a snuffler. Springwater Spirits can be farmed by Spiritmasters to get their elusive skill book Summon Water Spirit II. Aside from that, these water spirits are known to drop LV28 stigmas such as Binding Word and Reverse Condition. Like the other mobs in the area, there’s a possibility that they’ll drop the much coveted blue Life Shield/armors and white Patriot’s equipment or Oasis accessories for extracting and selling. Supervisor Kargas is a named lepharist that randomly appears in the spring area.
Botanist Aello is located in the southern portion of the Vigrid Plains. He has the chance to drop various unique LV25 green weapons and belts, such as Aello’s Dagger, Sword, Tome or Warhammer. Chieftain Gudomka has the chance to drop various LV47 greens, such as Gudomka’s Ruby and Sapphire Rings, and weapons such as Gudomka’s Spear, Sword or Warhammer. His best drop however, would be the blue LV47 Gudomka’s Shield. Bored Ramnodase is a LV23 elite agrint that can be seen roaming the middle portion of the area. He moves fast and hits hard so non-healer classes may need a partner to engage and defeat him.

  • I’m ranger 69lvl, just please say the name or if you know the location of the NPC’s I’ll be gratefully, thanks.
  • Other drops include Greater Power Shards, LV30-40 manastones, LV30+ green or blue crafting designs and random stigma stones of the same level range.
  • Yes I found this quest and bought all my Mithril gear it was a pretty easy quest too..
  • Lab Chief Eirin may drop a couple of LV42 greens – Eirin’s Belt or Eirin’s Glasses.

Farmer Havenjark is a LV24 elite that randomly appears in the northern parts of the farm. His aggro range is very wide and he moves incredibly fast so don’t expect to escape from him once he spotted you. He can be taken down by at least two players, one of them must be a healer. He has some nasty attacks in store for you like a 8-second fear and a DoT (damage-over-time) skill so don’t hesitate to use items to keep your HP up.
So that’s why it would be better to sell one or two types of goods at a time. Besides, it makes it easier to create an interesting store message if you have one or two types of items to sell only. The Unofficial Aion Kinah Guide this process is best done alongside with hunting and aether gathering. Manastone Conversion This is one of the skills alchemists can take advantage off. They can combine various manastones and convert them into more powerful forms. Every type of item occupies one slot; items of the same type are grouped together in a single slot. You’ll start with a meager number of slots which can be expanded by cube artisans in major cities by paying a small fee. You may want to consider expanding both your cube and warehouse spaces to ensure that you won’t ran out of space in case you need to store some valuable items.
You can also obtain two green Designs or recipes from them which will allow you to learn how to craft a Brutish Dirk and Zephyr Jewel. However, you can only learn those designs once you’ve reached the required levels. Alternately, Mumu Patrols may also drop LV12 ordinary “weald” weapons that can be sold initially for 2150 kinah each. Northern / Southern Latheron Coast Mate Amatas is named mob that looks like the nearby pirates and sailors roaming around the shipwreck in Southern Latheron Coast. He’s slightly larger than the nearby pirates and has a hat on so he’s easily distinguishable. He drops LV47 green Amatas’ Chain Boots and Leather Leggings, as well as a LV47 green namesake weapon Amatas’ Greatsword. He last two equipment are part of the Theobomos Chain and Leather armor sets respectively. You need to obtain the other parts from similar mini-bosses scattered in the map. Dark Whisper Shaula is a named mob located near the Kerubiel camp in the southern portion of Southern Latheron Coast.
You may also obtain a LV40 green Advanced Lepharist Mask as well. His best drops would be a LV40 blue tome called Hirmilden’s Diary which boosts your casting speed by 11%, and a LV40 blue Hirmilden’s Shield which boosts enmity. Carak is a mini-boss karnif residing in the cavern where you need to get the Black Opal. He’s soloable but you should be at least within the same level or higher.

Legion’s Tomb Mobs here have the chance to drop LV45 white Blizzard weapons or armor, green LV45 Oblivion accessories or green LV45 Torment armors. If you’re lucky, you might even obtain a random LV45 blue Luminary weapon, armor or accessories. You can also obtain Tough Rawhides, Major Elemental Stones, and Ordinary/Worthy/Expert Superb fluxes from them. Random godstones, LV50 manastones, LV45+ green/blue designs, LV45+ skillbooks or LV45-49 stigma stones can also be dropped by these mobs but at a really minute chance. Mobs here have the chance to drop LV45 white Blizzard weapons or armor, green LV45 Oblivion accessories or green LV45 Torment armors. For materials, you can get lesser/elemental stones from them, as well as Thick Rawhides, worthy or ordinary fluxes as well as random LV20-30 manastones and LV20-22 stigma stones. Ripened Pucorn is a LV22 named frightcorn that appears in the area. It looks like your ordinary frightcorn but is a bit stronger that the others. It also drops LV22 green Pucorn Aquamarine Necklace or Pucorn’s Zircon Necklace.

Since Fire Swords are not considered as quest items, you can farm as many of them and sell them at a much higher price since they are required for the quest. How to start your Private Store – Find a suitable place and press Y to open your Private Store window. – Right-click the items your want to sell in your inventory and a “Selling Price” window will appear. Usually, the items’ AP (auto-price) value will be displayed, which will give you the idea how much the item initially costs. If you have multiple copies of the item and you want to sell them individually, hold SHIFT + Right-click. Remember that items “locked” in your private store can’t be used, traded or sold to NPC merchants unless you remove them from your private store’s “items for sale” list back to your inventory. You are also able to do the Steel Rose instances where the mini-bosses each have a chance to drop AC.

The Unofficial Aion Kinah Guide Important. The short version. This document is a single

You should see an opening in the middle of the fiery lava fall. It has the chance to drop LV45 green Archdemech’s Ring, Jewel or Tome. Fire Canyon Guardian is a named mob that spawns in the middle of a broken bridge. It looks like a fiery griffin that drops a LV30 blue Lonely Protector’s Tunic. This drop is BoP (bind-on-pickup) which makes this garment useless to non-casters unless extracted. The Unofficial Aion Kinah Guide One mob that chanters and clerics should hunt would be Bluewing. It is a special long-necked cockatrice said to spawn to the west of the Observatory’s gate. If you haven’t noticed, there is a nest with eggs there and an occasional LV18 cockatrice roaming around, near the gate leading to the observatory. Another spawning area for this would be the small grassy area behind the path where the Watch Commander and her henchman is standing. Just scout around and if you’re lucky, you may spot this LV19 special mob that drops a LV20 blue “Naima’s Mail”.
Other classes shouldn’t bother looking out for this guy since the blue it drops would be bound to the one that picks it up. Marla Cave Queen Octaku is a LV49 arachna boss located deep inside Marla Cave. She drops various LV47 green armors that are part of the Thebomos armor set such as Octaku’s Breastplate, Jerkin, Leather Shoes and Gloves which are part of the Theobomos Plate, Leather and Cloth sets. There is also a chance that it’ll drop a LV47 blue necklace called Octaku’s Necklace. Wanderer Sirotata is another mini-boss located inside the cave. He should be standing near some wooden posts and platform south of the cave to the southwest of the cave. Like Queen Octaku, he may drop random LV47 green armor pieces necessary for completing the Thebomos armor sets.
There is also the option of purchasing a Mythic Supplement bag for 50 BM which gives 70 Mythic Supplements that vendor for 76.8k each and also a chance for a composite manastone. If you can’t tell, you can purchase more AC by first buying the supplements and selling them for kinah to a vendor, and then purchasing the AC from other players than by trading them directly. Read more about btc to.usd calculator here. Upon, reaching level 65, you will have access to the Idian Depths where there are many one-time quests which reward AC. Named monsters in Steel Rose have a high chance to drop Ancient coin. The price of the weapon alone has also been reduced to 2834 from it’s previous 3800, making a Remodeled Weapon possible in just 2 to 3 weeks if only playing 1 character, or 2 weeks with 2 characters!. The Remodeled Danuar Weapon comes with extremely high base stats but only a +5 enchanting potential.

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